Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

CPTED, or Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is a tool which can be used to reduce crime, and the perception of crime through changes in the envioronment. These changes may be design changs, activity changes, or support changes, all of which can make spaces more useful, attractive, and safe to use.

U of S Protective Services offers CPTED, Physical Security and Internet Security assessments to departments, buildings and units on campus free of charge. Evaluations include on-site visits during the day and evening hours, full crime statistics for your area, a crime perception survey for users to complete, and suggestions to improve safety, secure belongings and protect data. 

One example of CPTED put into action on Campus resides with the former Z Lot near Griffith's Stadium:

In 1998 the President’s Advisory Committee on Personal Safety, formerly known as the Safety Audit committee elected to conduct a Safety Audit of the University of Saskatchewan. This audit identified Lot Z (south side of Griffiths Stadium) as a higher than average crime area.

Using CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles, lighting and landscaping changes were recommended which would reduce the fear of crime by patrons using that lot, as well as reduce the actual level of crime committed. Additional lights were installed and stronger lights were used to help increase lighting throughout the lot, particularly in the area of the pedestrian overpass. Sight lines into the lot from College Drive were created by changes to the landscaping, which also allowed for additional lighting into the lot from the College Drive streetlights.

Crime was reduced in this area significantly after the changes, with the design concepts utilized for future lots in other parts of Campus. 

If you are interested in an CPTED or other safety evaluation of your building, please contact the Community Resources Coordinator at 306-966-2404.