Public Complaints Procedures

Effective Date: 21st July, 2015

The Operations Manager has the authority to initiate a formal investigation regarding any allegation against Protective Services members. This process is necessary to maintain the integrity of operations and personnel.

Any complaint received from the public – including anonymous complaints - will be investigated; however, the public should be aware that anonymous complaints are difficult to investigate.

All records of complaints will remain confidential and secured by the Operations Manager.

The complaints procedure is available on the website and through the incident reporting system.  The public is highly encouraged to report any misconduct by members of the department.

A member of the public may approach any member of the department, with the responsibility of said member to ensure the public complaint procedure is initiated.  This shall be reported to the Operations Manager immediately.

Public complaints toward Protective Services and its members will be managed according to the following categories

i.            Supervisor mentoring and coaching
ii.            Internal Investigation
iii.            Referral to Law Enforcement Agency

Supervisor Coaching

As outlined in the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Internal Investigation

Any member who is accused of failing to follow departmental procedure, or to have acted in a manner which is deemed unethical, insubordinate, or against any departmental or university policy, is subject to an internal investigation.

Law Enforcement Agency

Complaints directly affecting the Appointment as Peace Officer’s will be forwarded to the Executive Director of Policing Services Division, Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing, within five days of receipt of the complaint. Allegations of criminal misconduct will be reported to the Saskatoon Police Service or agency of jurisdiction.

Initial Actions

Upon receipt of the public compliant, the Operations Manager will review the information and determine whether additional investigation or action is required. Throughout the investigative process, updates should be provided to all parties every 30 days.

Internal investigations will continue until such point as the complaint is withdrawn, the member is appropriately disciplined, or the complaint is proven to be unfounded.

Status of complaint

Upon receipt of a public complaint, the Operations Manager will inform the complainant that his/her complaint was received, and that he/she should expect acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint within five business days. Throughout the investigative process, updates should be provided to all parties every 30 days.

Upon completion of an internal investigation, the Operations Manager will contact the complainant to inform them of the following:

  • If unfounded, that the matter was investigated and that there were was no wrongdoing.
  • If founded, that the matter was investigated and that the matter will receive an administrative review.
  • If criminal, that the matter was transferred to the police of jurisdiction and that any follow up activity should be between the complainant and the police agency.