U of S Emergency Alert System

The University of Saskatchewan has a multi-device emergency alert system to warn the campus community when an emergency situation requires immediate action.

Downloadable app

The Alertus app displays emergency alerts as notifications on smartphones and tablets. Please download the Alertus app using the Apple App Store or Google Play and register for alerts by opening the app and entering the code usask.

Wall display beacons

Located in high traffic areas across campus, these beacons attract attention to displayed alert instructions with a loud sound and flashing lights.

Desktop computer alerts

All managed computers on the USASK Domain will be programmed to receive emergency alerts with information and instructions that will display on the computer screen during an emergency.

Anyone who wishes to install the desktop Alertus application on computers that are unmanaged, or not part of the USASK Domain, may download and install the Alertus Desktop App.

In future, the emergency alert system may be expanded to include telephone and email alerts.