Mocktails and Alcohol Consumption

Nutrition Month 2024

Plant-Based Proteins

Nutrition Month 2024

It pays to be prepared

New Occupational Health Committees making a difference at USask.

Snacking on Fruits and Vegetables

Nutrition Month 2024

Whole Grains and Breakfast

Nutrition Month 2024

Sleep and Insomnia

Sleep is a truly bizarre phenomenon. Every day, every single one of us, like clockwork – figuratively and literally, given that our sleep-wake patterns are governed by the roughly ...

Why exercise

Regular exercise promotes both physical and emotional wellbeing.  

What Is Body Positivity?

You might have heard the phrase “body positivity” in the media, but what does it mean and how can it help you improve your own wellbeing?

Making Fitness Fun

Staying fit is vital for good health, yet it can be hard to stay motivated and make the time to exercise regularly. Here are some tips on how to keep the momentum going.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Tips on how to get a good night's sleep.

Restoring Healthy Habits

Tips on how to restore your health habits when you are feeling burned out.

Five Ways to Simplify Your Life

“All of us yearn for a simpler life in which we can be more present,” says Mary Pipher, clinical psychologist and best-selling author. In this article, she shares advice on how to ...

Health and WellBeing Toolkit

Wellbeing is the state of feeling healthy, happy, and fulfilled. It’s that sense that life is going well, physically and emotionally.

10 tips for better mental health that you can start doing today

Every day is a good day to think about maintaining your mental health. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Small steps and thoughtful approaches to your lifestyle can make a big dif...

Tips to support with seasonal stress

Holidays can be an opportunity to celebrate the values you cherish and the people you love. They can also add to your stress. Here are some tips to get you through the holiday seas...

Budgeting for the Holidays

With all the excitement and feelings of generosity and family sentiment as the holiday season approaches, it’s easy to overspend and find yourself facing big bills in the new year....

Managing Family Stress Over the Holidays?

An expert’s tips can help.

November is Movember

Movember is a global movement focused on raising awareness on men’s health issues.

Managing your finances in inflationary times

Tips for living in inflationary times

Staying the course in volatile markets

There’s been lots of noise about market volatility. But what does it mean? And how should you deal with it?

Benefits of completing a Total Wellbeing Assessment

A Total Wellbeing Assessment (TWA) offers individuals a snapshot of their current health status.

Men's health

The average life expectancy for Canadian men is four years less than women.

Three easy (free!) ways to feel better this summer

With help from Lifeworks, USask's Employee and Family Assistance Provider.

Flu season is in full swing in Saskatchewan

Influenza cases are up considerably this year compared to previous years.

Feeling overwhelmed with the holidays around the corner?

LifeWorks can help!

Overwhelmed? Under pressure? Feel better after a mindful moment (or two!)

With help from Lifeworks, USask's Employee and Family Assistance Provider.

Beat the end-of-summer blues with self-care

With help from Lifeworks, USask's Employee and Family Assistance Provider.

Tips When Reporting Incidents

USask safety officers patrol the campus on foot, bike and in marked patrol vehicles 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A reminder to all members of the university community that susp...

Planning A Psychologically Safe Return to the Workplace

Adapted from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Six Tips to Respond to Employee Anxiety About Returning to Campus

Adapted from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Five Ways to Get Healthy this Nutrition Month

Health and well-being are multidimensional. This Nutrition Month, consider the following tips to improve your habits and start feeling better.

Five wellness tips for winter

Dealing with the cold and lack of sunlight can be exhausting. It’s important to pay extra attention to your wellness during these times. Here are a few tips to jump start your wint...

Ask a USask Expert: Pet questions

Dr. Jordan Woodsworth, Clinical Associate – Wellness and Remote Clinical Practice, at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine answers your pet questions.

Clinical learning during COVID: Employee profile with Amanda Leddy 

Simulated patient educator Amanda Leddy shares how the USask Clinical Learning Resource Centre (CLRC) adapted delivery of clinical training and assessment for health science studen...

Ask a USask Expert: Financial Wellness

Financial, physical and mental wellness are intertwined. A majority of people identify finance as a high-stress area that causes them to lose sleep and underperform at work.

Cooking during COVID-19

With pandemic baking trends like sour dough bread and focaccia art many of us are back in the kitchen these days.

Winter is here – keeping safe this season

We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we manage risks to keep the USask community safe.